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AMARITZ KOMBUCHA  | Benefits of Amritz Kombucha

  • Fermented tea rich in probiotics and antioxidants which the body uses to eliminate bacteria and diseases

  • Contains probiotics  32 times more than yogurt 

  • Probiotics help protect the body from various pathogens Helps in better absorption of minerals

  • The beneficial microorganisms in the intestines grow. Helps restore microbial balance  Helps with digestive health

  • good microorganisms Help with excretion

  • Contains naturally occurring carbon dioxide causing the intestines to move

  • It has a slightly sweet and sour taste similar to a drink. cider  Makes Meal More Enjoyable 

  • Can be paired with food similar to Champagne / Champagne perfectly.

  • AMARITZ KOMBUCHA has a unique fragrance . from the finest raw materials from around the world

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